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Jetall Capital

Debt Acquisition & Restructure

Jetall looks for opportunities to bring greater liquidity and focus to previously under-performing assets.  We do this by leveraging internal and external assets, combined with critical thinking and visionary planning. This allows the asset to be re-developed, re-branded, and newly minted as a higher value property. An example of this would be when a previous property owner has found themselves in trouble with an unused or under-utilized asset. Jetall can come in, re-establish financial strength, and re-develop the property as something entirely unique from previous efforts or branding.  A current example would be re-developing multiple floors of prime commercial real estate into luxury residential units; thereby increasing investor integrity and asset value.

Distressed Property Resolution

When a commercial property is not leased out to the extent the owners cannot cover their bank debts, it can only survive as long as the owners have available capital to satisfy the bank note obligation. When that cash-flow fails, the property becomes distressed. This often is a self-fulfilling prophecy as the owners are so cash-strapped they cannot spend appropriately on marketing, upkeep, taxes, amenities, cleanliness, etc. Causing more tenants to leave, worsening cash flow, and creating an ever-sinking pit of quicksand that smells of despair. In situations where an otherwise good property is caught in this quagmire, Jetall can step in, stop the bleeding, salve the wounds, and rebuild the property. Many times, we have taken a property with low occupancy, low rental rates, and abhorrent tenant satisfaction and turn the entire project around in a short time. An example of this would be when a property owner is drowning in debt and so far behind on their obligations that their bank is forced to take foreclosure actions. Jetall can step in, mitigate the issues between the parties, and acquire the debt along with the collateral. After an injection of creative talent, capital, and developmental expertise – a new asset is born. The original borrower or owner still can pursue their dreams, the bank can continue to be a bank (and not a property owner), and Jetall nurtures and grows the asset for the future.

Start-up Incubation & Capital

Jetall, and the Choudhri family, have made numerous silent investments in early-stage companies over the years.  This can be through in-kind use of office space, angel equity or leveraged capital infusions, access to executives, or all the above. We are not currently an active incubator, nor do we solicit deal-flow opportunity at this moment in time, but we have been and will continue to be a supporter of the entrepreneurial life blood that makes America such a unique country.  Jetall has co-working space available in most buildings and encourages entrepreneurs to pursue their passions wholeheartedly.  We have plans, in the near future, to announce a 501(c)3 NPO that takes 100% of all incubator profits and re-invests in future incubation clients.  Stay tuned for future announcements.


2 million +

sq ft owned – primarily in Houston, Austin & Dallas

30 / 250

commercial buildings developed / high-end homes built

40 +

team members

60 years +


“Investing is a business where you can look very silly for a long period of time before you are proven right.”

– Bill Ackman